"IP-Based Video: Short Term Solutions and Long Term Perspectives"

March 27-30, 2006
Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

Conference Program

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4:00 pm -
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
6:00-7:00 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Gala Reception
7:00-7:30 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Welcoming Remarks
Recognition of Sponsors
Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Jill Gemmill, University of Alabama at Birmingham
7:30-9:00 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Keynote Address: Let the Archives Thrive
Rick Prelinger, Internet Archive

7:00 am -
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
7:30-8:45 am
Second floor
Continental Breakfast
7:45-8:15 am
Conference Room D
ViDe Working Group BoF
8:00-8:30 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Technical Briefing for Facilitators and Presenters
9:00-9:30 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
State of ViDe Report
Mary Trauner, Georgia Institute of Technology
9:30-11:00 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Informedia Project and related initiatives
Mike Christel, Carnegie Mellon University, program facilitator and speaker

Informedia automated video processing: a discussion of automated processing through the Informedia research years, 1994 to present.

Video retrieval evaluation through TRECVID: An introduction to TRECVID as a community benchmark for video retrieval and lessons learned through the years.

CareMedia: automated video and sensor analysis for geriatric care: an introduction into Informedia research with non-produced video
11:00-11:30 am Refreshments
11:30 am-12:30 pm
Breakout 1:
Conference Room C
1a. Preservation of digital video Birds of a Feather
Grace Agnew, Rutgers University, lead
Conference Room D
1b. H.323 to SIP migration Birds of a Feather
Marshall Eubanks, Multicast Technologies, lead
Conference Room E

1c. Big Video Birds of a Feather
Dave Devereaux-Weber, University of Wisconsin - Madison , lead
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)

1d. Facetop and other developments in conferencing
David Stotts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, program facilitator

David Stotts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (speaker)
Covering the walls of an office with collaborative video
Andrew Nashel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (speaker)
12:30-2:00 pm
Dining Room
2:00-3:30 pm
Breakout 2:
Conference Room C

2a. K-12 Applications
Jennifer Oxenford, MAGPI, University of Pennsylvania, program facilitator

Science in the cinema: a model for using film and videoconferencing
Matthew Conforth, Passaic Valley High School, P20 Initiative (remote speaker)
Susanne Iobst, Passaic Valley High School (remote speaker)

Digital video in the classroom from the Cleveland Museum of Art
Dale Hilton, Cleveland Museum of Art (remote speaker)

Innovative programs and partnerships for K12
Heather Weisse, MAGPI (remote speaker)
Conference Room D

2b. Digital Libraries to Preserve and Protect - from Digital Rights Management to Digital Asset Preservation
Allan Rough, University of Maryland, program facilitator

Prospects for long-term video preservation using lossless JPEG 2000 within either Motion JPEG 2000 or MXF file formats.
Glenn Pearson, National Library of Medicine (speaker)

Tying remote digital resources to restrictions defined in a local digital asset manager
Paul B. Hammer, University of Maryland (remote speaker)
Conference Room E
2c. Videoconferencing, Webcasting, and Streaming
Robert Gray, University of Alabama at Birmingham, program facilitator

Marshall Eubanks, Multicast Technologies (speaker)

ePresence Interactive Media: an open source webcasting and archiving system
Peter Wolf, University of Toronto (speaker)

Okay, so we can do streaming video; now what are we going to do with it?
Robert Gray, University of Alabama at Birmingham (speaker)
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
2d. Technology in the Medical Community
Sandy Sprafka, North Dakota State University, program coordinator

North Dakota Telepharmacy Projects
Charles Peterson, North Dakota State University (remote speaker)

Online Disability Services
Bryce Fifield, North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities, Minot State University (primary speakers) and Steve Peterson and Darren Seifert (additional speakers)

Telehealth in rural North Dakota and Minnesota
Brenda Oistad, Fargo, N.D. Veterans Administration (remote speaker)
3:30 - 4:00 pm Refreshments
4:00-5:30 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Collaborative Solutions for Large-Scale World-Wide Research
Mike Pihlman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, program facilitator (remote)
Jamie Poindexter, University of Wisconsin-Extension (onsite)

Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) collaboration services
Mike Pihlman, LBL/ESnet (remote speaker)

Working across time zones and international boundaries in collaborative research
Alan Sill, Texas Tech University (remote speaker)

LCG RTAG 12: collaborative tools final report & outlook
Steven Goldfarb, University of Michigan/CERN (remote speaker)

Cutting edge collaboration in big research: staying ahead of the blade
Jim Berry, Sandia National Lab (remote speaker)
5:30-6:30 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Exhibitor open mike: Three-minute updates from each exhibitor
Jill Gemmill, University of Alabama at Birmingham
6:30-7:30 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)

Reception sponsored by our exhibitors

7:00 am -
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
7:30-8:45 am
Second Floor
Continental Breakfast
8:00-8:30 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Technical Briefing for Facilitators and Presenters
8:45-9:00 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Good Morning!
Mary Trauner, Georgia Institute of Technology
9:00-10:30 am
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
How to live with Firewalls & NATs in real time collaboration
Kewin Stoeckigt, Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet), program facilitator

Proxy system for H.323
Kewin Stoeckigt, Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) (speaker)

The new H.460.17/18/19 protocols for H.323 firewall and NAT traversal
Christian Schlatter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (remote speaker)

SIP security - firewall/NAT traversal, SpIT, and privacy
Bernie Hoeneisen, Swiss Education and Research Network (SWITCH) (speaker)
10:30-11:00 am
11:00 am-12:30 pm
Breakout 3:
Conference Room C
3a. Public broadcasting
Dennis Haarsager, Washington State University, program facilitator (remote), with Mike Nixon, Georgia Public Broadcasting, onsite

Gerry Field, WGBH PBCore contract office (speaker)

PTV's next generation interconnection system (NGIS)
Ed Caleca, Public Broadcasting System (speaker)

On-demand video and the 2.0 media world
Dennis Haarsager, Washington State University (remote speaker)
Conference Room D
3b. Collaboration
Erik Hofer, University of Michigan, program facilitator

Applying HCI finds to video conferencing applications
Erik Hofer, University of Michigan (speaker)

From VRVS to EVO: the next generation grid-enabled collaborative
Dave Adamczyk, California Institute of Technology (speaker)

myVocs: a trust-relationship solution for federated virtual organizations
Jill Gemmill, University of Alabama at Birmingham (speaker)
Conference Room E
3c. Search engines and video searchability
Grace Agnew, Rutgers University, program facilitator

CESNET multimedia search engine
Michal Krsek and Ivan Dolezal, CESNET (speaker)

Open Video Project: how people go about searching video collections
Barbara Wildemuth, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (speaker)

The Moving Image Collection portals
Grace Agnew, Rutgers University (speaker)
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
3d. Videoconferencing and VoIP Applications
Rui Ribeiro and Nuno Gonçalves, FCCN, Portugal, program facilitators

VoIP: going national
Rui Ribeiro, FCCN (speaker)

HDoIP Studios
Rui Ribeiro, FCCN (speaker)

Using videoconferencing technology to provide interpreting, tutoring supervision, and instructions in rual areas of Georgia
Chris McCuller (on site speaker) and Nanci Scheetz (remote speaker), Valdosta State University
12:30-2:00 pm
2:00-3:30 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)

Internet2 Research Channel Working Group - Big Video Activities
Dave Devereaux-Weber, University of Wisconsin-Madison, program facilitator

Expanding the digital academic television network at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dave Devereaux-Weber, University of Wisconsin-Madison (speaker)

Report on uncompressed high definition experiment at iGrid05 and SC05
Michael Wellings, University of Washington, ResearchChannel (speaker)
3:30-4:00 pm
Ballroom (Salon 4-5-6)
Conference Wrap-Up
Mary Trauner, Georgia Institute of Technology

7:00 am -
Salon 5-6
7:30 am - 8:00 am
Second floor
Continental Breakfast
8:00 am-3:00 pm
Salon 5-6

Morning sessions

Afternoon sessions

Advanced Topics in Audio/Video Conferencing
Kewin Stoeckigt, Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet)
Jill Gemmill, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Session 1: Middleware for voice/video

  Videoconferencing Today - Ulrich Schwenn, MPG/IPP (remote speaker)
H.350 - Jill Gemmill (speaker)
  Other Middleware Activities in RTC - Jill Gemmill (speaker)

Session 2: Numbering, dial plans
IGDS - Kewin Stoeckigt (speaker), Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet)

ENUM - Kewin Stoeckigt, Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) and Bernie Hoeneisen, SWITCH (speakers)

ISN/ITAD Numbering - Dennis Baron, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (remote speaker)

Session 3: Data/Web Collaboration/Conferencing

Data collaboration... Why is it taking so long? - Mike Pihlman, ESNET (remote speaker)
  Experiences with Breeze - Fabio Vena, SWITCH (speaker)

SURFnet's groupware solution - Erik Dobbelstein, SURFnet (speaker)
Experiences in Megaconference - Gabe Moulton, Ohio State University (remote speaker)
  Shibbolizing video services - Fabio Vena, SWITCH (speaker)

Open discussion

Note: ViDe extends a special thank you to the Internet2 Commons for sponsoring our conference by offering live streaming, MCU services, and short-term archiving.

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